♥ Rompecorazones.

Cargado por: Bea Aguirre. Agreguedo en: 04 Mayo 2012. Ubicación Chile
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"We have had good moments, bad moments, unpredictable moments, essential moments, moments of laughter, time to cry, horrible moments, moments of regrets, moments to enjoy the most, moments that are just ours, also unforgettable moments, and fortunately many of them that lie in our heads, are to remember forever, to take us out that smile that we like so much. Also behind all of that moments, there will be time to think about that bad moments, which a few of them will turn into good moments, because you have been there by my side to work it out, step by step, gently, slowly but surely. And we succeeded. Here we stay together, and that's what matters". - FSC
I will follow you wherever you will go.

Gracias Poni :)
Créditos a Asunción, Rafa y a mí por los videos y fotos.